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Sunnova increases its resi solar and storage play in ISO-NE auction

Courtesy: Ricardo Gomez Angel/Unsplash

Sunnova said it secured another 38 MW of behind-the-meter solar and energy storage capacity in the latest ISO-New England Forward Capacity Auction, increasing its position in the wholesale market to more than 188 MW.

The company said it now holds the largest wholesale market capacity position by a behind-the-meter solar and battery storage developer in the New England region.

Overall, Sunnova’s commitment was priced at nearly $2.59/kW-month across the region. The company said expects the gross value across the term to be around $16 million.

“Our continued success in this competitively priced auction, along with the largest aggregation of distributed renewables to date, demonstrates our commitment to leading the energy transition in the region,” Sunnova CEO John Berger said in a statement.

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After attaining New England Power Pool membership, Sunnova is now eligible to participate in the ISO-NE market as a direct market participant, and the company’s aggregated residential solar and battery storage portfolio will offer competitive renewable energy capacity to help meet the region’s future energy needs. 

With 188 MW of energy capacity, Sunnova’s portfolio will provide clean energy to some 67,000 customers. The company said it expects the complete portfolio to begin participating in the FCA17 commitment year starting June 2026.  Sunnova also said it worked with National Grid and SolarEdge to utilize its fleet of solar and storage assets to help improve power quality in National Grid’s service area.

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