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GAZ-SYSTEM begins market research under ‘hydrogen map of Poland’ project

Polish energy company GAZ-SYSTEM announced on Thursday (18 April) a non-binding market research procedure carried out within the “Hydrogen Map of Poland” project.

The results of the research will be taken into account by the company in planning hydrogen transmission infrastructure and will enable the creation of a preliminary map of hydrogen pipelines in Poland, GAZ-SYSTEM said in a press release.

“The European Union’s gas and hydrogen package and the Polish Hydrogen Strategy require decarbonisation of the national economy by increasing the share of renewable gases in the energy mix. The development of the Hydrogen Map of Poland is one of the elements enabling the determination of the demand for “green energy” and the adequate design of the appropriate infrastructure,” said Maciej Bando, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure. “My honorary patronage of the hydrogen project of GAZ-SYSTEM is an expression of support for such activities, consistent with the policy of the Polish government, which consistently strives to achieve the set climate goals.”

The company intends to estimate the level of interest in projects related to hydrogen transport via the transmission network, both from the perspective of producers and consumers.

Today we start the “Hydrogen Map of Poland” project, which is important for accelerating the energy transformation in Poland, and will be implemented in the form of a dialogue with companies interested in the production, consumption, distribution and storage of hydrogen. We assume that the newly built hydrogen network will be available to all these entities. The commencement of work on the creation of hydrogen transmission infrastructure is expected to be a development impulse in this area of ​​the economy. Our goal is to designate preliminary possible water pipeline routes based on the survey results,” said Sławomir Hinc, President of the GAZ-SYSTEM management board.

Additionally, GAZ-SYSTEM plans to organise two cycles of webinars in May to further outline the aims of the “Hydrogen Map of Poland,” along with any issues related to completing the survey.

All entities interested in actively participating in the creation of the “Hydrogen Map of Poland” are requested to complete the Survey and send it electronically no later than 20 June 2024 by 23:59. The results of the market research are to be announced by 31 October this year.

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