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Interview with Darius Šilenskis, CEO, KN ENERGIES

Following Europe’s thirst for new energy supply due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and continued efforts for a greener future amid an increasingly uncertain security order on the continent, we sat down with Darius Šilenskis, CEO of Lithuania’s KN Energies, a company with activities of strategic importance to the Lithuanian state.

Starting our discussion, we asked Mr Šilenskis about KN’s biggest business hurdles in the past 12 months. “The last 12 months was a pretty good time for us, reaching important milestones. I would like to underline that we put a long-term strategy on the table, which was actually challenging to look so ahead to the future, while our national strategy is not yet available, making it more difficult to agree on these assumptions that we finally put in our strategic projections,” KN Energies’s CEO tells us.

In terms of the markets in which KN operates, the company’s liquid energy business is still in an “adaption to the new circumstances mode” – increasing diversity in the products and portfolio, but at the same time ensuring efficient speed and pace of the energy transformation, says Mr Šilenskis.

“2023 was extremely successful for the company, in terms of growing, getting new contracts, especially I’m talking about the German opportunities and regional opportunities, ensuring energy security and operations of our regional LNG. […] On one hand, we need to be very diversified and efficient; on the other hand, we need to grow really fast and adapt to new market demand and also to put or build a base or roots for our energy transition, which is not waiting you know you need we need to act now.”


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