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UK Energy Secretary impressed by advanced nuclear solution

Image: MoltexFLEX / Grant Shapps / Twitter

Grant Shapps, the UK’s Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero visited MoltexFLEX yesterday.

The company is based in Warrington and Shapps was impressed by their advanced nuclear technology and energy storage work.

He was accompanied by MP for Warrington South, Andy Carter and got hands-on experience of MoltexFLEX’s FLEX reactor and GridReserve thermal storage solution.

Shapps even used the company’s newly commissioned glove box for the first time, which he found exciting.

He was interested to learn that MoltexFLEX’s molten salt nuclear technology can generate carbon-free energy cost-effectively.

He described the work being done by MoltexFLEX as “massively improving” British innovation and a “British solution”.

MoltexFLEX’s Lead Chemist, Phil Quayle, said the Secretary of State was fascinated by the molten salt process and showed a keen interest in the technical details.

David Landon, MoltexFLEX Chief Executive Officer, was encouraged by Shapps’ understanding of the challenges they face. He said the right signals from the government are needed to develop this technology in the UK and export it worldwide.

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