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‘Digital is not here to take people’s jobs’

“There’s a very broad spectrum of what can be done with digital.”

For this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke with Dr David Pugh from Digital Catapult – who explained why digital will be a critical component of the net zero journey.

But it’s meant to work with us, not replace us – he explains: “What we want is a just transition. People are often scared of AI, thinking it will take people’s jobs. We’re not talking about removing people from society, we’re talking about utilising their time better.

“So, digital technology is used to take away parts of your job that are quite mundane; that you wouldn’t want to be doing. That allows you to work more efficiently on the things you want to be doing and the things that create value in your job.”

How can this technology be implemented and what will it bring?

Listen to the full episode to learn more.

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