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Singapore Ferry Evacuated Due to Engine Room Fire

Quuen Star 2 is a high-speed ferry operating between Singapore and Batan (Sindo Ferry)

A high-speed ferry operating between Singapore and Batan was evacuated today after experiencing an engine room fire. Singapore authorities are reporting that the passengers were transferred without injury to another ferry and that they are planning to tow the damaged vessel back to port to undertake an investigation.

The Queen Star 2 (281 gross tons) departed at mid-day from Singapore for the approximately one-hour trip to the neighboring island. Built in 2011 and acquired by Sindo Ferry in 2016, the vessel registered in Singapore has a capacity of 266 passengers.

Approximately halfway into the trip while the vessel was in the vicinity of Kusu Island, the crew reported an engine room fire to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. The MPA dispatched a tugboat to provide assistance as well as a response by the Singapore Defence Force and Police Coast Guard.

All 62 passengers aboard the ferry were transferred to another of the company’s ferries, the Merbau Era (240 gross tons), which had been on its way to the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal in Singapore. The passengers were safely evacuated to the second ferry, which continued the trip to Batan.


Photo provided by the MPA showing the evacuation and tugboat standing by


“The fire onboard Queen Star 2 was put out by the six crewmembers, who remained onboard the ferry,” the MPA reports. “SCDF firefighters were also onboard the ferry to ensure that the fire had been completely extinguished.”

Weather conditions were calm in the area aiding in the evacuation. The MPA reports there were no injuries and it does not believe there has been any pollution. They are broadcasting navigational messages to other vessels in the vicinity to stay clear of the incident site. A tug from the MPA was standing by to provide assistance and tow the ferry.

The ferry is operated by Sindo Ferry. It is one of six acquired by the company to modernize its fleet. They currently operate 16 passenger ferries from Singapore. 

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