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Ofgem to scrap last resort EV role from DNOs

Britain’s energy regulator is considering that distribution network operators (DNOs) may not be the most appropriate parties to own, develop, manage, or operate electric vehicle (EV) charge points at reasonable costs, even as an EV provider of last resort (PoLR).

Ofgem has launched an informal consultation to gather opinions on its proposal to eliminate the EV PoLR provisions outlined in Standard Licence Condition 31F of the Electricity Distribution Licence.

This allows DNOs to operate EV charging points as a fallback option when no other providers can offer charge point services at a reasonable cost and/or within a reasonable timeframe.

Ofgem has explained its proposal to remove the last resort EV charging role from DNOs, citing that DNOs may not be the most suitable option to act as EV PoLR.

The regulator said a funding mechanism for EV PoLR in RIIO-ED2 could result in unnecessary costs for consumers.

Ofgem also noted that alternative provisions for EV PoLR are being developed through various government workstreams aimed at supporting the growth of EV charging infrastructure.

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