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EU says all new cars must be zero-emission by 2035

Image: I Wei Huang
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The European Union has said that all new cars sold in its member countries will have to be zero-emission from 2035.

The landmark legislation will make a large difference to the EU’s total emissions, with vehicles responsible for around 15% of its carbon output.

From 2030, all new cars will need to have 55% lower emissions than 2021 levels – with the only exemption being e-fuels.

These use captured carbon to offset the carbon emissions released by the fuel – and have been accepted as an exemption after Germany put the argument forward.

It is yet to be confirmed how this will be allowed to happen.

Poland was reportedly the only nation that voted against this new zero-emission law, although Romania, Italy and Bulgaria chose not to vote.

“The direction of travel is clear. In 2035, new cars and vans must have zero emissions,” European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said.

“The transition to zero-emission mobility has to be supported by the right infrastructure, ready for you when you need it, where you need it. Electric or otherwise, we want every driver in Europe to be certain that they can travel in confidence throughout the continent,” he continued.

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