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Chris Skidmore: ‘Oil and gas are part of the net zero transition’

“It’s clear that when it comes to the future use of oil and gas, even in a net zero scenario, we will still be using 60% of the oil and gas we use today.”

That’s what Chris Skidmore, Chair of the Net Zero Review, had to say in an exclusive interview with Energy Live News at the Energy Institute’s International Energy Week.

When questioned on the role oil and gas will have to play in a green future, he explained that “everyone” is needed in the net zero journey.

A transition is critical towards a cleaner energy supply but will still involve the key energy suppliers that the UK relies on, he said.

“Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to the oil and gas sector, they’ve got to be able to do more than they’re doing at the moment,” the climate czar added.

Explaining the steps that can be taken to improve the green credentials of the sector, he stated: “The use of gas needs to be better abated, we need to ban flaring, we need to move further, faster than we’re doing at the moment and we’re not going to have any excuses. But at the same time, recognising that we are on a transition [is important].”

Changing the UK’s energy mix will take time, he explained, as was previously done with moving from coal to gas: “We reduced our emissions by 40% by coming off coal to gas – gas is a transition fuel – and we will now move to renewables, solar, wind and the opportunity to go even further.”

Mr Skidmore concluded: “I reject this good vs evil narrative. We need everyone involved in net zero – and to exclude individuals who are key actors in the transition would be a mistake.”

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