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Westinghouse, Cameco and Urenco sign nuclear fuel agreement to support Bulgaria’s supply diversification

American energy company Westinghouse signed contracts with Cameco, one of the largest global providers of uranium fuel and international supplier Urenco, to supply the Kozloduy nuclear power plant in Bulgaria.

The agreement will see Urenco’s enrichment facilities in Europe (the UK, the Netherlands and Germany) receive natural uranium (UF6) from Cameco and supply enriched uranium product (EUP) for fabrication into nuclear fuel rods by Westinghouse.

“Urenco is ready to support countries seeking to increase their energy security and independence and I am pleased to welcome Kozloduy as our newest customer,” said Urenco’s Chief Executive Officer Boris Schucht.

“Today’s announcement is a crucial step forward in securing Bulgaria’s long-term energy security,” added the British Ambassador to Bulgaria, Rob Dixon. “The invasion of Ukraine and subsequent threat to the supply of energy in Europe makes this more important than ever.”

Kozloduy, based in northern Bulgaria near the river Danube, is currently the only nuclear power plant in the country and generates more than a third of its overall domestic electricity.

“This is Cameco’s first agreement to supply fuel for Bulgaria’s nuclear energy sector,” commented Cameco’s president and CEO Tim Gitzel. “We are very pleased to add another market to Cameco’s global commercial portfolio and to expand our contributions to countries like Bulgaria that are seeking to enhance their energy security while affirming their commitment to carbon-free nuclear power in achieving their climate goals.”

“Our belief is that we cannot talk about energy security without diversification of supply,” emphasised Bulgaria’s Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov. “In addition to geopolitical risks, there are also technical risks and when you have more than one supplier, such situations can be overcome more easily and quickly.”

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