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Orlen opens new hydrogen refuelling station in Czechia

A hydrogen refuelling station for passenger cars, trucks and buses has opened at the ORLEN Benzina facility in Prague, the Orlen Group announced on Friday (10 March).

In Poland, hydrogen refuelling stations for passenger cars will be opened later this year in Poznań and Katowice, Orlen said. Additional hydrogen stations in Bielsko-Biała, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Wałbrzych, Kraków, Piła and Warsaw will be commissioned by mid-2025, as part of the company’s ORLEN2030 strategy. 

“As announced, we are increasing the availability and offer of fuels for our customers. The first ORLEN Group hydrogen station in the Czech Republic is already operational. It joins the station launched last year in Krakow. The construction of hydrogen infrastructure in Central Europe will enable us to become a leader in the implementation of a hydrogen economy based on zero-emission transport,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN. “Our goal is to build over 100 refuelling stations in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia by the end of this decade, which will be an integral part of hydrogen transport corridors in Europe and will contribute to achieving climate neutrality in the region.”

The ORLEN Benzina petrol station in Prague’s Barrandov district is fully staffless and is open on a 24-hour basis. Drivers can use two dispensers (with specially profiled noses): a pressure of 700 bar for passenger cars and a pressure of 350 bar for filling trucks and buses. 

The ORLEN Benzina hydrogen refuelling station in Prague was built with financial support from Czechia’s Ministry of Transport under the Sectoral Operational Program Transport. By 2030, ORLEN Unipetrol plans to open 28 hydrogen refuelling stations in the Czech Republic and two hydrogen distribution terminals for rail transport in Litvínov and Neratovice.

At present, there are 163 hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe, with another 46 points under construction. The European Association of Vehicle Manufacturers recommended that by 2025 there should be at least 300 hydrogen stations in Europe, and by 2030, a minimum of 1000. In Central Europe, in accordance with Orlen Group’s Hydrogen Strategy, by 2030 a total of over 100 hydrogen refuelling stations for road and rail transport will be made available, Orlen said. 

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