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New 2 MW solar power plant in Latvia to start operating this summer

With an investment of almost 2 million euros, the construction of a solar power plant near the town of Zilupe, in Latvia, will be completed by the summer, providing green electricity to at least 1,300 households, reported the municipality of Ludza.

“We are pleased that our municipality is among those who are not only making plans on how to make Latvia greener and energy independent but also taking decisive and visible steps,” commented Edgars Mekšs, chairman of the Ludza Municipality Council. According to him, they will become an example of good practice in the use of solar energy in Latvia.

Indeed, solar is considered one of the most effective ways to reduce the dependence of Latvia and other European countries on oil and gas supplies. So far, Latvia has been placed last in Europe, in terms of solar capacity installed, the reason why this 2 megawatts (MW) plant, built by the company Merito Partners with experts from Saules Energy, plays a crucial role in the energy transition of the country.

“The constriction of this solar power plant is an important step towards our country’s energy independence,” commented Artūrs Plūme, chairman of the board of Saules Energy, adding that the goal of the company is to work on renewable projects that can start producing green electricity already this year, to provide Latvia with some tangible growth in this field.

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