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Energy Community Secretariat and NEURC address Ukraine’s electricity export halt

The Energy Community Secretariat’s Director, Artur Lorkowski and Deputy Director Director, Dirk Buschle held a meeting with the Chairman of Ukraine’s National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC), Kostiantyn Ushchapovskyi to discuss the recent halt in electricity exports from Ukraine to Slovakia.

The meeting was held in response to NEURC’s request to find a solution to resume electricity exports from Ukraine, which have been halted as of last week (21 April).

Both sides agreed that any unjustified restrictions on electricity trade would be a severe breach of the Energy Community Treaty. As a result, they have committed to working together with all actors involved to find a solution to resume electricity exports from Ukraine. The solution will be based on a prior in-depth assessment of the situation, the Energy Community Secretariat (ECS) said.

“The Energy Community Secretariat remains dedicated to upholding the Energy Community Treaty in regard to electricity trade among Parties to the Treaty, and will persist in collaborating closely with all stakeholders to ensure non-discriminatory, transparent, and environmentally sound electricity trade,” the ECS said in its press release.

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