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Denmark invites Nord Stream operator to salvage object near pipeline

Image: dragancfm
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The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has invited the owner of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Nord Stream AG, to participate in the operation to salvage an object that was observed near the pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

The DEA had previously examined the object and assessed that it did not pose an immediate safety risk.

However, to further clarify the nature of the object, the Danish authorities have decided to salvage it with assistance from the Danish Defence.

The DEA’s invitation to Nord Stream AG is part of their effort to collaborate with the pipeline’s owner and ensure a safe operation.

Nord Stream AG is yet to respond to the invitation and the DEA is currently awaiting their response before commencing the operation.

The DEA has reassured the public that they are closely monitoring the situation and will provide further information when possible.

The salvage operation is expected to provide additional insights into the nature of the object and any potential risks it may pose to the pipeline.

In September last year, blasts hit the natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea – NATO joined officials from other Western countries in suggesting that sabotage may have caused the four reported gas leaks on the Nord Stream pipelines.

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