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Ukraine’s draft NECP enters public consultation phase

The Energy Community Secretariat reported on Tuesday (27 February) that Ukraine’s Economy Ministry has published its draft National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) for public consultation.

In the draft NECP document, the Ukrainian government proposed a set of 2030 targets, including a 65 per cent greenhouse gas emissions reduction compared to the 1990 level and a 27 per cent share of renewables in the gross final energy consumption. Additionally, it set out a target to achieve climate neutrality in the energy sector by 2050.

Following the consultations, the Energy Community Secretariat is expected to assess the draft NECP and provide its recommendations, which should be subsequently addressed by Ukraine’s Economy Ministry.

The draft document also placed an emphasis on diversification of supply. According to the document, by 2030, Ukraine would aim to cut import dependence (gross imports in total primary energy supply) to 33 per cent and deepen the diversification of sources and routes of energy supply with no more than 30 per cent from one supplier.

According to the Energy Community’s Governance Regulation, the plan is expected to be adopted by June.

As noted by the Energy Community Secretariat, which provided support to Ukraine in drafting the NECP, the document provides a “comprehensive framework” for Ukraine’s green reconstruction and recovery endeavours.

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