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Thousands of customers face price hike as electricity meter switch off looms

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Nearly 820,000 households in the UK, relying on a specific energy service that enables automatic control of heating and hot water systems, may experience a surge in energy bills, experts have warned.

The Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS), used by customers on multi-rate energy tariffs, will cease to function after 31st March 2024, posing financial challenges for families affected by the change.

Data from Elexon, the company responsible for managing electricity balancing and settlement systems, highlight the dire situation.

More than 820,000 households across the nation are at risk of having their energy meters rendered useless, leaving them vulnerable to exorbitant price hikes.

Experts have said it is essential for those relying on RTS-enabled meters to take proactive measures.

Failure to do so could result in increases in energy bills that could burden families already grappling with financial constraints.

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