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Solar power plant to meet 100% of electricity demand of KN’s Subačius oil terminal

A 300 kiloWatts (kW) solar power plant has been commissioned at the Subačius Oil Terminal operated by Lithuania’s KN (Klaipėdos nafta). The electricity produced by the plant will meet 100 per cent of the electricity demand of the oil terminal operating in the Kupiškis District. The KN’s investment in this project amounts to almost 210,000 euros.

The solar power project at the Subačius Oil Terminal was completed within a year. The installation includes a total of 731 solar modules on the roofs of the administration, boiler house, laboratory buildings and garage complex. The total surface area of all the solar modules is around 3,000 square metres.

The Subačius solar power plant project was included in the KN’s investment plans a year ago, taking into account the sharp rise in energy prices at the time.

“At the time, like many other companies, we were looking for ways to reduce our energy costs,” said Arnoldas Būga, Head of Subačius Oil Terminal. “The solar power plant had proved to be a reasonably attractive investment that can pay for itself in a reasonable timeframe and help to effectively manage the risk of electricity price increases. Equally important was the project’s sustainability implications. From now on, the annual electricity demand of the Subačius terminal will be fully met by electricity generated from renewable energy sources.”

The company plans to continue investing in sustainable ways of generating electricity. A solar power plant with a capacity of 800 kW, about 2.5 times larger, is also planned to be installed at the KN Oil Terminal in Klaipėda by the summer of 2024. This will require an investment of around 800,000 euros.

It is estimated that the electricity generated by the Subačius solar power plant will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 130 tonnes per year, equivalent to about 4,500 planted trees. Over 20 years, in relative terms (with a 300 kW solar power plant), the emissions avoided would equal around 90,000 trees planted.

The main purpose of the Subačius Oil Terminal is the long-term storage of Lithuanian state oil products (fuel). The terminal also provides oil product handling and storage services for private customers and companies. The storage tank park consists of 66 tanks with a total volume of 338,000 cubic metres. The terminal also includes a railway loading track, which can handle 14 tank wagons at a time and a modern tank truck filling area.

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