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Slovakia presents new Action Plan for the protection of water reservoirs in the Rye Island area

Slovakia’s Ministry of Environment presented a new strategy for more effective protection, improved monitoring and removal of potential threats to the drinking water reservoirs located in the Rye Island area. A set of short-term and long-term measures that will remove environmental burdens, establish public sewerage systems in municipalities and increase the available sources of financing.

“For the effective protection of Rye Island, we need adequate legislation, a reliable monitoring system, a constructed sewerage and water supply network and, last but not least, we need to bring all sources of pollution under control,” said Milan Chrenko, Minister of Environment.

Within the Slovakia 2021-2027 financing framework, the municipalities listed in the affected area can apply for financial assistance for the construction of a sewerage network and wastewater treatment plants. Around 67 million euros are allocated for this purpose only. Another 34.3 million euros are destined for the construction of a public water supply system in parallel with sewerage in municipalities with more than 2,000 inhabitants.

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