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Romania adopts flagship offshore wind energy law

“Romania is on track towards wind energy production in the Black Sea. At the pace set by the bill, by the year 2032, we will be able to have the first MW of offshore wind energy produced in the National Energy System. Moreover, offshore wind energy production will allow us to strengthen the Romanian industry through domestic production of green hydrogen and value-added products based on green ammonia,” said Sebastian Burduja, Romania’s Minister of Energy. “World Bank data shows that Romania has an offshore wind potential of 76 GW of installed capacity, providing a conducive environment for the development of this type of renewable energy.”

To operationalise investments in offshore wind energy, Romania’s Ministry of Energy will initiate, within 3 months of the entry into force of the law, a specialised study to prepare the concession procedure and activities for exploration, construction of offshore wind power plants, and their exploitation.

“Through this project, Romania is making progress in achieving transition and decarbonisation objectives of the energy system, as well as consolidating its status as a regional leader in the field of energy,” Minister Burduja continued. “The adoption of this bill is a concrete step towards promoting the vision that I announced from the first day of my mandate: secure, affordable, and green energy for all citizens of Romania.”

Based on the study, by 31 March 2025, the Romanian government will approve the offshore wind perimeters, and by 30 June 2025, the subsequent acts of implementing the law will be approved, following which the ministry will initiate a competitive procedure for awarding concession contracts. By 30 June 2025, the government will also adopt the royalty value that concessionaires will pay to the Romanian state, determined based on the results of the study conducted by the ministry.

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