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Poland plans to build new radioactive waste repository, invites municipalities

Poland is looking for a location for a new national surface repository for radioactive waste, said Paweł Pytlarczyk, Director of the Department of Nuclear Energy at the Climate and Environment Ministry on Tuesday (14 November) – citing a “significant increase”  in low- and intermediate-level waste streams amid the development of nuclear energy and nuclear medicine.

The Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility (ZUOP) is responsible for the management of radioactive waste in Poland. It collects and processes low- and intermediate-level waste from across the country, storing them in Różan (northeastern Poland) since 1961. However, the storage capacity at that location is exhausted.

“Currently, investments are necessary in the modernisation and expansion of the existing infrastructure, as well as in a new surface landfill for low- and intermediate-level waste,” said Aneta Korczyc, Director of state-owned public utility company Radioactive Waste Utilization Plant (ZUOP).

Municipalities across Poland are invited to participate in the process of selecting a new site for a surface repository for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste (NSPOP). “Thanks to this, the municipality, the host of the new NSOP, will create opportunities for long-term development. It will provide benefits, both financial and non-financial,” said Mr Pytlarczyk.

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