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Poland establishes first offshore wind farm service company

Polish energy company ORLEN announced on Tuesday (12 March) that its subsidiary Energa Wytwarzanie and Canadian energy company Northland Power have established Baltic Offshore Service Solution, Poland’s first consortium offering comprehensive offshore wind farm management services.

The new company will specialise in a range of services tailored to the offshore wind energy sector, encompassing technical, operational, commercial, and contractual aspects.

ORLEN’s Baltic Power offshore wind farm with conditional investment green light

“Offshore wind presents an opportunity for profound transformations in our power system and the development of new sectors in the economy. We are actively progressing with the Baltic Power project and plan to invest in projects in an additional five licences that are developed by ORLEN Neptun. The potential for offshore power generation across the Baltic Sea is estimated to exceed 90 GW, indicating a substantial growth trajectory for investments in this sector,” said Jarosław Dybowski, Executive Director for Energy at ORLEN.

The company will also oversee the operation of a 24-hour Wind Farm Management Centre, planned to be established by ORLEN. Its responsibilities would include the monitoring, coordination, and control of offshore assets.

“At the ORLEN Group, we are poised to capitalise on the emerging business opportunities in the planning and operation of new wind farms. To this end, we will leverage our existing expertise from onshore projects, also drawing on the experience of our partner, a global leader in the offshore wind industry,” Mr Dybowski added.

The newly established company will build on the experience of Energa Wytwarzanie, a subsidiary company responsible for maintaining onshore renewable energy assets and a portfolio of six wind farms with a combined capacity of approximately 244 megawatts (MW).

According to its ORLEN2030 strategy, ORLEN is targeting nine gigawatts (GW) of installed renewable capacity, including offshore wind, by the end of the decade.

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