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Podcast: Gas price spike shows Europe is not out of the woods yet

Topics explored include:

  • Complacency reigns following the price plunge, as gas price spike highlights market risks.
  • Focus on structural dangers to manage price risk.
  • Storage in Europe is not up to the challenge of a cold winter.
  • The recent spike caused by minor issues only – extended maintenance in Norway and demand from Asia.
  • Renewables are supporting the market, but intermittent production due to weather creates a volatile market.
  • Policy and contract length to provide adequate baseload is weak across Europe – a shift is needed to manage price volatility during the transition to a low carbon economy.
  • Watch out for nuclear production, hydro and LNG demand in East Asia as we head towards Q3 2023.
  • While Germany industry is concerned about a cut in remaining Russian gas supplies.


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