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Octopus and Caffè Nero brew up rewards

Caffè Nero and Octopus Energy have teamed up to offer weekly rewards through the ‘Octoplus’ scheme.

Customers can now enjoy a free drink at any Caffè Nero store in the UK, alongside other perks like discounted cinema tickets and National Trust passes.

To participate in ‘Octoplus’, customers must receive electricity from Octopus Energy, possess an operational electric smart meter and pay via direct debit.

Eligible customers can sign up through their online accounts or the Octopus Energy app

As part of this collaboration, Caffè Nero plans to switch its energy supply to Octopus Energy, potentially becoming Octopus’ largest business customer in the UK.

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Chief Product Officer at Octopus Energy, commented: “With food, drinks and cinema tickets all now available through ‘Octoplus’, savvy customers can have an entire day out for free just by earning ‘Octopoints’.”

Will Stratton-Morris, Caffè Nero UK Chief Executive Officer, said: “We eagerly anticipate the development and growth of this partnership over the next 12 to 18 months.”

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