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Moldova adopts energy efficiency legislation

Moldova has adopted a new legal framework on energy efficiency, following a vote on an amendment to the Law on Energy Efficiency in the Moldovan Parliament on Thursday (11 May).

The updated law establishes the necessary legal framework for approving the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) and revises requirements for annual energy savings, energy metering, billing and end-user access to information, the Energy Community Secretariat said.

Prioritising investments in the existing residential building stock, the law also utilises the energy efficiency obligation scheme or alternative measures, as determined by the Moldovan Government to mobilise the necessary resources.

“We are pleased to see that our continuous assistance is yielding positive results for Moldova. The strengthening of the country’s primary legislation and the progress made are encouraging. The Energy Community Secretariat will continue to support and provide guidance as the law is implemented,” said Artur Lorkowski, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat.

Additionally, the law establishes a National Information System for Energy Efficiency, incorporating a Monitoring and Verification Platform (MVP) developed with the assistance of the Secretariat in 2020 via a co-funded EU project under EU4Energy.

“The year 2023 has been declared as the year of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Moldova, and we are proud to have succeeded in strengthening our primary legislation. Thanks to the Secretariat’s and the EU4Energy project’s continuous support, the Ministry received assistance throughout the entire process, including the drafting and adoption of the bill. Now, it is the turn of Moldovan institutions to implement the law,” said Victor Parlicov, Moldova’s Minister of Energy.

On Friday (12 May), Carolina Novac, Secretary of State at the Energy Ministry said that the new framework is “an important step ahead of decarbonisation goals.” Ms Novac added that “all the efforts” will now be directed towards the country’s law on renewable energy.

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