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Energy saving efforts go up in smoke as winter bills shock Britons

Despite efforts to reduce energy use, billpayers experienced higher-than-expected bills.

According to consultancy KPMG in the UK’s Consumer Pulse survey, 92% of billpayers made changes to their energy use to save energy between October 2022 and February 2023.

However, despite these attempts to cut back, over two-thirds (69%) said that their bills were higher than expected over that period.

The most popular action taken by people was to switch off lights, but it was not the most cost-effective measure.

The three most cost-effective measures, which could each save around £100 a year, were only used by around a fifth of households: limiting hot showers, draught proofing and reducing their boiler flow temperatures.

Over half (56%) of billpayers also purchased energy efficient gadgets to keep energy costs down, according to the survey.

One in five (21%) households purchased an air fryer over the winter, while 13% bought a microwave.

However, 14% of respondents will struggle to afford the extra costs and one-in-five (19%) felt that they had not benefitted from any of the schemes offered by the government over the winter.

Simon Virley, Vice Chair and Head of Energy and Natural Resources at KPMG in the UK said that reducing demand and improving energy efficiency were essential in getting bills down and ensuring people could heat their homes properly.

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