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Energoatom to manufacture SMR components in Ukraine

Ukrainian energy company Energoatom and US energy manufacturing company Holtec technology have signed an agreement on the transfer of Holtec technology for the production of small modular reactor (SMR) components to Energoatom in Ukraine.

The agreement set out plans for in-country (in Ukraine) manufacturing capabilities for the production and fabrication of nuclear systems, structures, and components (SSCs) for advanced small modular reactors (SMR), spent nuclear fuel storage and transport systems, and other nuclear energy related application needs of Ukraine and its neighbours.

As also noted in the agreement, a working group is being established to proceed with the technical and other aspects in accordance with a comprehensive implementation plan.

“Establishing in-country manufacturing capabilities for the nuclear energy sector would not only contribute to the strengthening of the country’s energy security, but would also allow Ukraine to become a Global Leader in the field of Nuclear Energy,” said Ukraine’s Minister of Energy German Galushchenko. “The document signed by Holtec and Ukraine would enable our country to become a regional hub for manufacturing, exports, training, and deployment of SMRs and for managing used fuel produced by our operating reactors while also accruing the multiple benefits of economic development and jobs creation and decarbonization and promotion of green energy future.”

The agreement was signed on Friday (12 April) by the acting CEO of Energoatom Petro Kotin and the President and CEO of Holtec International Kris Singh.

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