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Customers ‘hit by increase in gas readings’ due to staff shortage

Gas company Guernsey Energy has acknowledged an increase in estimated gas meter readings being sent out due to a shortage of staff.

The BBC has revealed that the company currently has only one engineer visiting properties for readings, leading to delays and a rise in estimations.

In an interview with the BBC Guernsey, Gareth Fooks, the Chief Financial Officer of Islands Energy Group, disclosed that typically only 10% of readings were estimated, but presently it was approximately 25%.

Mr Fooks said: “We’ve got a team of two meter readers here in Guernsey. One of those retired, we have recruited and trained someone, unfortunately, we lost that person, so we are down to half the number of staff, so we can’t read as many meters.

“People should have their meters read once a quarter by us, so we’re moving out with half the number of people to once every six months.”

The BBC reported that a backlog of questions arose due to billing issues, frustrating customers.

Mr Fooks acknowledged their frustration and stated that the company is working through the backlog, although it will take some time.

Guernsey Energy is currently recruiting someone to assist with meter readings and is advising unhappy customers to submit actual readings through its website.

ELN has contacted Islands Energy Group for comment.

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