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Baltic TSOs harmonise gas quality standards facilitating biomethane trade

Latvia’s unified natural gas transmission and storage system operator (TSO) Conexus Baltic Grid has reached an agreement with the Estonian TSO Elering on changes to the gas quality standards at the Latvia-Estonia interconnection point. Changes include increasing the oxygen concentration in the gas up to 0.5 mol per cent. This agreement will ensure harmonised gas quality standards in all the Baltic states facilitating international trade in renewable gases, in particular biomethane.

Conexus is actively working with the region’s natural gas transmission systems and LNG terminal operators to address the technical challenges of gas supply in the region and to build ever closer market integration in the region.

“At the end of 2023, we reached an agreement on the permissible oxygen and hydrogen concentration in gas at the Latvia-Estonia interconnection point as part of the inter-operator cooperation and regional market integration project,” said Uldis Bariss, Chairman of the Management Board of Conexus. “This is an important step in promoting international trade in renewable gases. The regional biomethane market is expected to develop rapidly in the coming years given the growing demand for sustainable energy sources, so it is crucial to reduce barriers that may hinder the development of the market for renewable gases. Moreover, biomethane is a very promising renewable energy source for the Latvian economy as well.”

Mr Bariss added that the increase in the permitted oxygen and hydrogen concentrations at the Latvia-Estonia interconnection point will not affect the stable and safe operation of end-user equipment.

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